This project would not have been possible without the sponsorship and support of the International Cultic Studies Association including funding of the design and maintenance of this Web site. Thanks to ICSA's generosity, the book is available free of charge to all who need it, a paramount necessity for many who might use it. The patient assistance of Michael Langone and Patrick Ryan throughout the five-year process has been invaluable.

The author also gratefully acknowledges, with many thanks, the insightful comments and helpful suggestions of the friends and colleagues who reviewed parts of this book: Ashley Allen; David J. Bardin; Benjamin Bardin, Ronald Burks, PhD; Gina Catena, MS; Diane Hendel, RN, MBA; Rosanne Henry, LPC.; Edie Hessel, RN, MSN; Lois Kendall, PhD; Robin Boyle Laisure, JD; Edward Lottick, MD; Nancy Miquelon, LPCC; Robert Pardon, M Div, ThM; Marcia R. Rudin, Founding Director, International Cult Education Program; Joseph Szimhart, Cult Research Specialist; Jonibeth Whitney, PhD; and Larry Zilliox. Your efforts contributed greatly to the project.

Thanks also to Pauline and Charlie Sullivan of DC CURE (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants), whose guide for District of Columbia ex-offenders inspired both the idea and the title for this project.